The Best Three Spot You Need To Visit On Ubud Bali

ubud-baliAre you bored with your daily routine and want to escape any frustration you got from school, work or even family and find somewhere place that having peace? I recommend you to visit Bali, Indonesia for the best place to find serenity on your life. Simply like the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, you will find a way to love yourself in this tiny island on Indonesian Archipelago. However, one of the greatest place you must visit on Bali is north part of the bali, called Ubud, Bali’s crafts capital and site of the greenery on Bali. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to find the best activities and what kind of activity you need to do to Bali to find your peace properly. Where to start when you go to bali Ubud? These list are narrowed down for you who loves great nature.monkey-forest-ubud-bali

The first place you need to visit on Ubud are Sacred monkey Forest Sanctuary. Deemed as the most visited attraction and also the most enjoyable attraction, this place are home for three Hindu temples and also thousands of macaque monkeys. Therefore, you will find a stone dragon bridge, ancient temple and ornament with monkey that sprawled around the ground and climbing from tree to tree. While the monkey can be very friendly, but make sure that you still be careful because they tend to be aggressive. Don’t bring anything that can be snatch by monkey and ensure that you pack your belonging inside your bag.

The second place you will need to visit in ubud is Ubud Palace. Was built in the 1800s, this palace are home to the royal family of the Ubud. However, in the modern times, this palace are acts as one of the main locations for traditional Balinese performance and dance every evening. The architectures and location of Ubud Palace are very serene with blooming water lilies pond.

The third place you need to visit in Ubud is a Ubud art market. This market are house for hundred of grocery and souvenir stands which offer tourist for hand-crafted souvenir and great art. However, make sure that you are confident with your bargaining skill, since you will be able to get them with better price if you capable to haggling for the price.

There are three place for the most recommended places you need to visit in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Make sure that you visit those three for the best way to enjoy your vacation on Bali and you will find more than peace of mind.

Ordering Guide to Rent Cabin Properly


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There are numerous approaches to spend this summer, you can go to vacation to somewhere else and refresh your mind totally. While you go to somewhere else, you should consider the settlement and spot to rest. One of the most ideal approaches to spend night in other place particularly in nature is on cabin. You can rent cabin and having an extraordinary vacation experience. Nonetheless, you should do some exploration before booking your trek. Consequently, today I will give you an orderly guide on the best way to rent a cabin properly.

The initial step is assessing the budget and determines the measure of cash to spend. Make a point to consider about any cost that may happen amid your vacation. Figure lodging cost, transportation, and budget for extra activities, and entertainment and extra case for sudden occasion happens. Keep your charge card and money to ensure you won’t have any cash amid vacations.

The second step is instructing yourself with your goals. You should think about the region and ensure that you pick cabin that close to the things that interest you. You can check Beavers Bend cabin rentals that will give you a cabin that close to wherever that fascinating. consider the distance of the cabin into open facilities.

The following stride is picking the correct time. You should check your dates and the accessible date for the cabin. Ensure that you pick when you make tracks in an opposite direction from work and when the kids have a break from school. Ensure that you pick the date by maintaining a strategic distance from occasion or high seasons in light of the fact that the spot will be swamped with tourist and can make your vacation uncomfortable. I prescribe you to begin book right on time before the date to ensure that you get the cabin and everything on schedule.

I Once Used a Limo to Pull a Practical Joke on Friends and Family

I was going to a music festival where there is three days of music. People show up in big fancy RVs. There is a tent section, but all of my friends and family have motorhomes and fifth-wheel trailers except me. All I have is a tent. I could not be upstaged by them this year, so I had an idea. No, I did not buy a motorhome or fifth-wheel, and I did not rent a motorhome either. What I did fit with my personality and the tent I already owned. I called a Toronto limousine service to book a stretch limo for a ride to the campground where the festival was being held.

I had the limo driver help me load up my tent and camping gear into the stretch limo when he arrived at my apartment. He was wondering what was going on until I explained my plan. He drove me to the campground that was about an hour away. All of my relatives and friends had their RVs lined up in one section of the campground. I had the limo driver stop where they were all gathered together and I got out. They were just looking at me kind of funny not knowing what to say or do. Then the driver helped me unload my camping gear and the tent right there next to their big RVs. It was only a short walk to the tent section, and this year I actually had a bigger tent. Read more »

Tips on Choosing Suitcases For Holiday Abroad


Often confused with the problems travelers luggage before traveling, especially if the goal is to go abroad.


Using a backpack or carrying suitcases usually a debate before travelers flying into the country. Rucksack or backpack is fine as long as you want a little trouble as possible to bring innate quite heavy, but if you want a more relaxed and not complicated, using a suitcase seems to be the most ideal option.

But, you also can not arbitrarily choose ya suitcase, travelers. Here are some things you need to consider before buying a suitcase for holidays abroad:

materials suitcase

Suitcase with soft material, usually nylon, polyester or nylon, is the type most easily adjustable capacity. Not only that, suitcase with this material is also lighter than the hard material.

But if you get bored with this soft material, made ​​from hard luggage could also be an option. The advantages of this type of suitcase is able to protect fragile goods better than the suitcase soft material. Most importantly, make sure the good quality suitcase yes.


Size also be important to consider before buying a suitcase. Choose suitcase according to the length of your trip abroad. If only traveling in a short period of 3-4 days, suitcase-sized 55-66 cm should be enough to carry your luggage. While the larger suitcase, like 70-82 cm would be more suitable for use when you are traveling for longer, such as seven days or more.

You should also check the airline regulations that you would rode about the size of a suitcase. Is your suitcase can be brought into the cabin or it must be put in the trunk.

Travelers also can choose luggage that can expand capacity. Currently offered lot suitcases that allow for additional space of up to 30 percent.


Upright suitcase type (two-wheeled) if it is not ideal to use heavy objects. Suitcase type is also more easily drawn when walking on uneven surfaces compared Spinner luggage types (four-wheeled), which is more suitable for use on a smoother surface.

But, instead Spinner luggage types offer ease of moving without being influenced by the weight of the load in it. Not only that, this type also lets you bring some bags (eg handbag or laptop bag) at the same time more easily.

security suitcase

Choose luggage with safety lock TSA (Travel Sentry Approved). Padlock is TSA compliant went on sale in 2003, but for the suitcase that contained the new TSA safety was introduced in 2004.

What is the TSA? Travel Sentry is an organization that builds and manages the security standards used in the trip. The key concept used by the TSA Transportation Securuty Administration, part of the Department of Homeland Security United States.

USA is not the only state that requires this TSA lock. This system is also used in other countries such as Canada, Narita and Haneda airports in Japan, the Netherlands, and others.

Well, if you bring items that are considered suspicious, TSA lock can be opened by the customs duty by using a universal key to the inspection process without damaging the lock or suitcase.

Regardless of it all, TSA lock is also believed to make more secure the contents of your suitcase. You do not want it suddenly found a suitcase damaged by irresponsible persons burglarized?

The selection of colors and motifs

Seeing the suitcase with ngejreng color may make you frown. But it is precisely the colors that are not commonly this will allow you to find the suitcase while in line at the airport. Suitcase with leopard motif or other unique motifs could be an option that you belong not to be confused with the other!

How travelers, are ready to buy a new suitcase for your holiday abroad?

Family Vacation Fun and Economical

traveling family

Holidays with the family does require considerable cost. Not to mention the problem arises as a holiday location which is less precise, hotel services, to guide the random, which causes a pleasant family holiday instead it should be the opposite.

traveling family

Here are tips for your family vacation fun and economical:


There will be no interesting activity in the absence of careful planning. Take some time off / casual to plan your vacation activities. Try to make the concept, purpose, transportation, and so forth alone. After terncana well, to convey to all family members so that they can provide input.

Use Discount

There is nothing wrong tries vacation packages offered by a number of agents vacation / travel agents. In addition to lots of choice, price matters usually can be adjusted according your budget, especially for a holiday with a number of families that much.


This one problem is usually enough to drain your budget family vacation. Nothing wrong with your vacation schedule is determined by the promo promo transportation, such as air tickets, train, and so forth. Make a habit of browsing through the internet to find out the promo tickets offered. If your holiday is not too far away, the choice of using private vehicles can be quite frugal choice.

Accommodation and Culinary

Both of these important things you must consider in planning. Make sure your accommodation and culinary delight while enjoying the holidays with family. It is not possible accommodation to rest not quite comfortable, the food is not fit to clean the tongue and not awake. For more thrifty, find the location of the inn not far from a place to eat. If there is no or difficult, make sure you notify the hotel regarding food and drinks you want.

Souvenirs / souvenirs / Shopping

This one activity often cause your finances dwindling rapidly. Relieve activities of shopping to buy souvenirs or souvenirs too much. Find information about souvenirs / souvenirs in the area of your travel in advance, plan and prepare the funds. In addition to more efficient, your luggage is not too heavy (this causes baggage fees be increased when using aircraft, other than that your body will not be quickly exhausted from carrying heavy goods once traveled. Remember that holiday to relax not make tired body).

Tourist area

It is not possible, a tourist area that you visit doubling spending your vacation fund. Back again to the planning, make sure you have more information about the sights you will visit with the family, do not let your holiday spending exceeds the funds that you prepared.

Camp Ground

Attraction type is rarely applied in family vacation. Only to capitalize tents and supplies as well as some things that a lot of supporting, under the sky holidays, campfire, nature sounds definitely more fun and gives a lot of impressions and valuable experience for the family.

Tour guide services

Some sites require travel guides. Make sure you plan funds for this one. However, if you are familiar with the tourist areas you will visit, there is no harm in being his guide for other family members.

Reserved fund

I wish to downsize but not according to plan. Planning errors can occur at any time, moreover, previously collected information is no longer valid alias low overhead. With possibility, there are times when you need to set up a reserve fund specifically for transportation, accommodation, and health.

Tourism in the city

Efficient and unique. Selecting tourist sites in the city is one of the options in the traveled with saving because in addition to not require a large investment, location and distance from home to attractions already be determined. However, subject to the problem of shopping and culinary premeditation, by bringing lunch from home or do not plan on spending around attractions.

6 Equipment’s No Need to Bring When Traveling

traveling equipment

If we are going to go sightseeing, as if to bring all the equipment and supplies our personal. However, should we pack the luggage by a smart order not to goods carried. Not infrequently, when we bring a lot of stuff, even just partially unused goods. Here are some items that should not be taken when traveling:

traveling equipment

1. Too much hair products

Indeed, the hair into one part of the body that is very special. However, it does not need to carry all hair products, such as shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer, rollers, hair spray, and more. Anyway, if we stay at the hotel, the hotel must also provide shampoo and hair conditioner.

2. Hair dryer

Still on the hair, usually women will bring a hair dryer or hair dryer when going sightseeing. Not only will it make the bags become full, but also ordinary hair dryer has provided the hotel if we stay at the hotel. Let hair dry naturally and you should remember is that we’re on vacation.

3. A maximum of two pairs of shoes

On leaving, we should bring a maximum of two pairs of shoes. Choose shoes that are versatile, durable, and certainly comfortable to wear.

4. Equipment camera

The camera is indeed important because it was taken during our vacation to capture every moment of our holiday, but it does not mean we have to bring all the equipment, such as tripods, many types of lenses, and so forth.

5. Equipment sports

There is no harm in leaving the sportswear temporarily in the house when we go on holiday. There are still some ways to get a sweat without all the equipment. With the sun on the beach also can be a good choice or utilize the facilities in the hotel gym.

6. Towel

If you will stay at the hotel, we should not have to bring towels. All hotels seem to provide towels for guests. If you occupy the hotel does not provide towels, maybe you should find another hotel.