The smart way to use credit cards sparingly holiday

Have you ever seen pictures of exotic sights on Instagram or Facebook you are met by update your friends who are traveling. Every time you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself browsing your destination tourist spot.

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If you have lots of plans for a vacation or traveling, but you are still confused by the cost of an expensive air, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and luggage. The journey becomes easier if you use a credit card during the trip.

If you want to travel for free by using a credit card, it should be noted that you can enjoy the benefits that will be given to your credit card company.

So that you can enjoy the benefits of travel by using a credit card:

1. Free flights with sign-up bonus.

If you ever see the sign-up bonus of a credit card, it seems too good to be true. Increasing number of companies that offer credit cards, market competition became more fierce. Consumers benefit through sign-up bonus, and the company strives to issue bonus each other.

2. Free flights with points.

Points are other offers from credit card companies in order to compete with one another. The consumer can get easy points and uses a welcome bonus for free travel one person.

3. Hotel Guide

One of the most expensive of the trip was the accommodation. Unless you are willing to stay in a hostel, and the risk of spending more for a hotel that you do on your trip.

If you use a credit card at the right company, with the sign-up bonus you can score five or more overnight for free in some hotels that work with credit card companies.

4. Free access to airport lounges

Have you ever had to spend more than an hour at the airport? you might crave a comfortable place to just drink tea. That is why, the flight has been providing a lounge that is usually reserved for business class tickets. However, many travel and airline offering for guests to lounge by using a credit card of some companies.

That’s four advantages that you can use to your holiday travel using a credit card. Collect points so that you can feel the advantages of using your credit card.

This is strange forests that became a tourist destination

tourist destination

Note World Wide for Nature shows 31 percent of the forest cover in the world’s total land area. These forests have been home to the biodiversity in it. Humans also tend to use the forest, taking millions of trees of various species. Moreover, people also make the forest as a natural tourist destinations that may not be made by a human clone.

Many types of forest in the world, ranging from tropical rain forests are found in many Asian countries, up to a pine forest on the continent. But the forests are documented is different from most of the forest. As reported Weather, Monday (05/10/2016), here are five of the strangest forest that once existed in the world.

tourist destination

Hallerbos, Blue Forests in Belgium

Each mid-April, Hallerbos, a jungle city of Belgium issued a bright blue color of bell flowers are blooming. Flower beds scattered to hundreds of hectares of forest to make it like the vast expanse of blue carpet. Attractive for many tourists who come to Belgium, the forest has become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Halle, Belgium. There are several paths for the traveler to visit the Highlands trekking and jungle serving incredible natural scenery is beautiful.

Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, USA

It is not a real forest. But the travelers who pass through the region Oro Grande would stop in the forest this interesting bottle. Various colors bottle trees make it more colorful. No wildlife here, but you’ll be amazed when stuck in the woods bottle widest ever in this world.

Crooked Forest, Poland

This is most apparent forest in a fairy tale. Hundreds of pine trees with curved rod mysterious region occupies the western part of Pomerania, Poland. According to the Daily Mail says on the site, this mysterious pine was planted in 1930 and allowed to grow for decades. Unexpected, pines grow to the shape becomes unnatural and appeal people to come.

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

Near the city of Morondava in western Madagascar there is a strange forest, which many rare baobab trees are magnificent. Baobab has long been like jewelry for the forest areas in Africa. Travelers flock to witness the tree like the one in the animated film Madagascar. “Inverted tree” that’s how people call it. Having up to 80 feet high, who would have thought this tree appeared to have aged up to 800 years. Even more astonishing, it turns out there are only eight species of baobab tree is unique in the world, and six of which can be found in Madagascar.

Quiver Tree Forest, Namibia

Namibia has long been a “home” for many rare trees in the world. Quiver Tree Forest are a part, which grows about 300 trees Aloe dichotoma, also known as the quiver tree. As quoted from, this tree grows mainly in the mainland and the rocky slopes. This unique rare plants able to store water in the leaves, stems fibrous able to make it last even though the region is in the long dry season. This rare tree found only in a small number of forests in Namibia.

Diving Tips for Beginners

diving tips

Diving holiday so one alternative that is currently quite popular. Enchantment under the sea more and make more people want to explore and see up close marine biota impressive.

diving tips

Curious to try diving but inexperienced?

First, Safety

Not infrequently the divers, especially beginners, is soluble in euphoria while diving to the exclusion of security issues. Security environment, such as current conditions and any animals existing in the dive location must be considered. Not to forget the security of diving equipment also can not be ruled out.

Secondly, awareness of the round

The divers must still pay attention to the environmental conditions. Do not force a dive at the location that has a dense coral reefs. Therefore, if the buoyancy of the diver has not been too good, most likely divers touching coral reefs are also getting bigger. Though coral reefs should not be arbitrarily held.

Depth issues also need to be considered. For starters, do not need to dive to the deepest oceans to be able to enjoy the beauty of the variety of marine life. Because, from a depth of less than 30 meters, which is the maximum limit of recreational scuba divers depth, the divers can enjoy the underwater beauty.

The last thing to note is always asked by the instructor. Find out on what is best for your diving experience. Try to choose a trusted agent dive.

Never be lazy to check the matters relating to safety while diving. Ask the instructor and the dive, do yourself after safety checks once again.

10 Cities Most Beautiful Places in the World

london place

To help you choose where to go on your next vacation, so in this article we compiled a list of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world by using the advice and recommendations from people who have often traveled reliable and of a few tourists. Vacation spots in the world are included in the ranking list in this article is taken from several major cities in the world, such as Paris, New York, and other major cities. We hope that these recommendations can help steer you towards your next vacation destination. Please choose your favorite vacation spot below to help you determine the best place for your holiday visit.

london place

1. Paris: Eiffel Tower

The first list for the most beautiful sights in the world is none other than the fashion capital of Paris. Year after year, this fashion city attracts millions of tourists who want to see the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and incorporate into their holiday list. But the main attraction in Paris not only that, visitors in general will really fall in love with the beauty of the ancient Paris cafes, boutiques, trendy shopping district and charm unmistakenable je ne sais quoi.

2. London: Tower of London and Historic Buildings

We deliberately put London on 2nd list of the most beautiful sights in the world, because London has its own advantages. Dynamic environment with a mix of historic buildings and homes modern attractions will be able to make you forget the time for days if a vacation to this place. You can visit some of the places that we recommend, including the Tower of London and the British Museum or explore Portobello Road and Borough Market.

3. Barcelona: Parc Güell

Although the City of the most beautiful sights in the world is better known for having one of the best football club in the world, but Barcelona offers more than just the football club, because this city is filled with a variety of interesting sights that will surely make you feel comfortable to linger visit in this city. Barcelona is the right place for tourists who love to capture the moments of their beautiful with a picture or other activities. Visitors can walk through the medieval architecture in the Barri Gòtic and innovative creations of Gaudi in Parc Güell. Meanwhile you can also visit Las Ramblas are very crowded almost every hour.

4. New York: Empire State Building

If you are looking for a city the most beautiful sights in the world who are always busy with their daily activities, the City of New York is an urban adventure that is infinite. You can walk through Central Park, a tour of the exhibition at the Met, catch a Broadway show, or peruse in SoHo boutique. And at night, you will admire berkilauannya Manhattan skyscraper on top of the Empire State Building.

5. Sydney: Harbou Bridge

City of the World’s most beautiful tourist spot following a metropolis that offers more than just an entertainment venue which is an icon of Sydney (for example, Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge). Sydney offers warm weather and sunny climate that is ideal for enjoying the scenery at the beach town. The sand on the beach Coogee and Bondi bring locals and tourists each year.

6. Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and São Paulo is the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world in the category of the hottest in South America, and it’s not just for warm weather only. Rio de Janeiro has an icon that must already famous around the world, the statue of Christ that stands at the top of the mountain and has attracted millions of tourists from all over the World. In Rio de Janeiro you will also find a very festive event and has been very popular, the Rio Carnival show that felt it was difficult to find a match in the World for comparison carnival.

7. Zurich: Limmat River

You are looking for the most beautiful sights in the world a little differently than other cities? You can choose the city of Zurich, because in this city you can swim in Lake Zurich in the summer and skiing in the Alps in winter pegungan, Zurich attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. Zurich also has a delicious pastry shops galore, as well as museums, churches and shops in Bahnofstrasse. At night, you can visit the bar in Zurich edgy.

8. Prague: Old Town

City of Prague is a city of unique and often also referred to as a secret getaway backpackers located in the capital of Eastern Europe that has developed. Narrow streets in this town is the iconic symbol as well as the Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral. You also can enjoy local Pilsners spread over several Bar in the city the most beautiful sights in the world.

9. Budapest: Thermal Baths

Budapest is a city of dreams for tourists to every trip to Central Europe. City of the most beautiful sights in the world serving various types of travelers and budgets with a wide range of hotel and restaurant company. In Budapest, you will enjoy a variety of places and facilities thermal baths and a variety of world-class museums are scattered in the city.

10. Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

List last city the most beautiful sights in the world, is Hong Kong. In the city of Hong Kong you will find at the Disney theme parks that collaborate with various ancient temples. You can also shop cheap carefully on some street markets, or take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui pier or visiting Victoria Peak and see the awesome scenery from the top spot.

5 Ways to Maintain Healthy When Traveling

streching before traveling

Because too busy traveling sometimes we forget to maintain health. In fact, when in a new place that we should pay more attention to the health of the body. Here are 5 ways to maintain health while traveling that we can try :

streching before traveling

Yoga or stretching

We can not always bring a yoga mat or clothes when traveling. However, there are some yoga poses and stretches that do not require a lot of tools and can be done anywhere when we sit or stand. Yoga movements that can be tried while traveling: sitting stretching over the head, seated twist, cornering forward, feet up the wall, children and pose a tree pose.


We tend to walk more while traveling than at home where we live. Walk in the new place is very pleasant and it became a way to get to know the neighborhood. But sometimes, it often makes us tired. Begin set a short stroll of about 30 minutes when we really need energy, such as when we arrived at the Inn after traveling by car or plane. Do well after a meal to aid in digestion and in the morning before starting the activity.

Consider the needs of the body

Most of us are not aware of the needs of the body before it is too late. In the end we so often get angry because of hunger, thirst and fatigue. This happens because we usually often in a hurry to move from one place to another while traveling. Instead, we move a little slow. After visiting the museum or to the beach, stop for a moment and consider the needs of the body, if need drink or rest. Only after that go to the next place.

Nutritional food

Try to eat the most healthful foods our bodies. It can be started from a simple way like snacking on fresh fruit (and not chips), drinking a glass of mineral water for each glass of drink taste more, and be sure to eat three times a day.


Sleep is our body function recovery. If you are in a new time zone, then immediately follow that schedule. Sleep eight hours a day and a nap 30 minutes to get energy. If you can not nap, just closed his eyes for a few minutes can help ease the mind.

The following State Railway Network Travel With World’s Largest

romania railway

romania railway

There are many reasons why traveling by train is more fun than using an aircraft. Factors scenic beauty as seen along the journey by train to be one reason.

Therefore, countries that have extensive rail network offers the best opportunity to explore the beautiful nature without having a plane or sitting for hours on the motorway.

map railway network

Map above shows the complete country to railways at their disposal. Part of which is shown in dark blue have the most extensive network. Largest and most populous countries dominate, such as the US, China, Russia, India and Canada.

In contrast, some countries in the world have almost no rail connection, such as Mali, Madagascar and Afghanistan. Meanwhile there are also countries that do not have a railway network. This is due to the contour of the ground hard, mountainous or heavily forested. These countries are Iceland, Greenland, Yemen, Oman, Bhutan, Libya and Papua New Guinea.